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Making Old Marketing Concepts Seem New with These Tips

Is advertising on the same places in the same way not bringing you business like it used to? It’s probably because your core audience is sick of seeing the same thing, but ...

Is Your Company Suffering from the Ill Effects of These New Threats?

Which do you think will contain malware: an adult website, or one that talks about religion? Most of us would assume it would be the adult website, but most of us would ...

Encouraging the “First Name Basis” Feel with Your Business

It feels like a long time ago when geography predicted the audience with which you would work. Even though it wasn’t that long ago, the world of today offers a huge amount ...

Mobile Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Get Caught Doing

Mobile marketing is growing so fast that companies like Facebook and Google are bowing down to the masses that are glued to their tablets, iPhones, and compact computers. If those large companies ...

Want More Blog Traffic?

Blogs are everywhere. Blogs are independent, blogs are on websites, blogs are on Facebook, blogs are on pretty much everything. Sometimes this means that attracting an audience can be exceedingly difficult. Competition ...

What Makes it Difficult for You to Move Forward?

In the spirit of Halloween, eVoice released the results of a survey that asked thousands of businesses in all 50 states what scares them the most. The winner: finding new customers and ...

Are You Sure You’re Protected?

Cybercrime isn’t going away, and in fact it’s increasing each year by thousands of reports. In the 2012 Security Threat Report by SOPHOS, the company urges all small companies and individuals to ...

Facebook: We’re Working on Our Mobile Apps

By the end of 2010, nearly 80% of the products pitched in Facebook product meetings were targeted at audiences that use desktop computers. However, that seems to be changing soon, according to ...

A Valuable Lesson to Remember When Giving a Speech

Speaking at different trade shows is an excellent way to expose your business to new audiences and new faces. You can share your expertise and, in the process, spread the idea that ...

Review of the New Motorola Droid Razr Max

If you’re looking for a new phone, the new Droid Razr Max is a good choice with its large screen, long battery life, and call quality. This new $299.99 phone is one ...


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