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Windows 8 Phone Allows Multicore Processors

The new Windows 8 phones are shaping up to be quite the competitors with the ever-popular iPhone and Android devices. The new Windows OS for phones promises mobile payments, new hardware, and ... Purchased by Facebook for Unknown Amount

Rumors about the companies Facebook and being in negotiations have finally been confirmed as of yesterday when Facebook officially purchased the facial-recognition software. announced on their blog today that they ...

Hacker Allegedly Hacked 79 Banks and Released Customer Data

A hacker recently claimed that he hacked into almost 80 banks and stole thousands of pieces of information, including addresses, phone numbers, and names. The file was released onto the internet a ...

Canadian Airport Beginning to Keep Track of Conversations

Starting next month, the Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier Airport is installing microphones in random locations – within the airport itself, as well as in planes – in order to track conversations. The conversation tracking isn’t ...

According to Google, Government Censorship is “Alarmingly High”

In the past six months, Google has received more than 1,000 government requests – from governments around the world – to remove links such as search listings and YouTube videos. The search ...

What Your Company Should Know About Surveys

Surveys may seem like an outdated tool, but in reality, they are an easy and frugal way to figure out what your audience is thinking. Nothing is more valuable than insight. ...

Nokia Proposes 10,000 Layoffs

By the end of 2012, Nokia plans to be 10,000 employees lighter. The company announced the planned layoffs during a press conference earlier this morning. The company is “rescaling” their operation and ...

How to Make Scheduling Easy

Scheduling is part of the business life, and sometimes it can be a real pain. Everyone has to schedule, and everyone has encountered frustration with doing so. The truth is that tons ...

Amazon’s Cloud Storage Reaches 1 Trillion Files

Amazon’s S3 storage system launched in 2006. Since then, a trillion files have been uploaded onto the service. Jeff Barr, Amazon blog writer, stated that “that’s 142 objects for every person on ...

MacBook Air Gets an Overhaul

The biggest feature that has been focused on about the 2012 MacBook Air is the anticipated silicon upgrade, which boasts “up to 60% faster graphics.” However, there are tons of little changes ...


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