Since the rise of social media, communication with one another has changed. Instead of only being able to call someone or meet them face to face, you can now instant message, Facebook, direct a Tweet, send a text message, and more. It has also opened many businesses up to thousands of potential customers that they would not have been able to reach before. However, since the computer age is fairly new, some people still have trouble relating through a keyboard. Here are a few tips on how better to relate to people online.

Be Personal in Your Relationships

Even though you have a thousand friends or followers, you can still build more personal relationships with some of them. Yes, it is difficult to keep tabs on everyone, but having friendships with some of them will benefit your company more than not having a relationship with any of them. This may mean sending e-mails out to specific fans asking if they’d like to dine with you, especially if those people are popular journalists or bloggers. You’ll be pleased with the results.

Create Exclusive and Interesting Content

If you’re using your YouTube to post scripted videos, then you’re probably not receiving the maximum benefit. Anyone can memorize a script. Honest videos do much better in the real world. Have someone speak about their experience with your company from their memory. They should be honest and interesting. If you want to distribute information via video, hire a professional videographer to see the best results. The one thing you shouldn’t do is read from power point slides and chatter on about something from a piece of paper in front of you. Know your information, and present it in a creative way.

Have an Emergency PR Team

Bad things can happen to just about any good company. Rumors get tossed around or something burns down your main building. Customer service just about disappears for a week while you get everything back online. Have a PR team ready to handle the outpour of complaints. When things are running well, people don’t often say anything to you. However, when something goes wrong, you will hear complaints from just about everyone. A trained PR team that can handle the frustration will be your saving grace. When a complaint is lodged, a real human can respond quickly and efficiently, even if the complaint is on Facebook or Twitter.