238119_hands_thumbsupWhen somebody who's not an expert SEO artist builds a website, troubles can happen. That's all right; your job is to run your business opportunity, not be an SEO specialist. Still, it's important that you use SEO correctly. Right here are a couple of things you should avoid when building an internet site that attempts to benefit from SEO.
Building Sites That are Primarily Flash
A Flash video occasionally goes a long way, as does a Flash widget or more. However, when a search engine like Google encounters a Flash-based widget or window, it has no idea exactly what to do with it or exactly what it says. The error can be found in making your entire website based off of Flash. No matter how well-written your material, the online search engine will have no idea what your site is about. Make certain most of your site is based on text boxes instead of Flash. There is an entire world built on the use of Flash in accordance with SEO, but unless your business has the time and cash to purchase a professional who understands that world, it's easier to simply present text a search engine can review.
"Splash" Homepages
Your internet site may look fantastic. When somebody brows through, you have this amazing Flash animation and every little thing bursts to life. Then, you require someone to click a button to enter the "genuine" site. Not just is this frustrating for your prospective clients, it's horrible for SEO. SEO is based upon material: good material and the written word are key in SEO. If you do not have written content on your front page, you're already at a huge downside on search engines. Rather, have an easy to understand, basic design with lots of written material as your front page. You'll see a big distinction.

When somebody who's not a professional SEO artist constructs an internet site, problems can take place. Right here are a couple of things you ought to prevent when constructing a site that tries to take benefit from of SEO.
SEO is based on content: great material and the written word are essential in SEO.