rrDo you want to be a leader you admire? Check out the tips below.

What Do You See in the Mirror?

Have you ever read Thoreau’s Walden? He discusses small business and small people a lot in that book because he has nothing to do in the forest while he’s writing it, and those are the things that came to his mind. He discusses how people seem to always live quiet lives where they are never honest with each other and themselves, and are therefore incredibly unhappy. Don’t be that person. Figure out who you are and how you want to be, and shoot for it. These types of people are the ones that turn failing businesses into huge successes because they don’t stop trying. So don’t stop – pick up the pieces and keep going.

Find the Courage Deep Within You

You aren’t born with courage. Courage is formed through many years of difficulty and hardship, and you have to find it as you go. Every time you face something that scares you, you’re building your own confidence and courage. No matter what happens, you still have the experience of facing something that scared you before, and it’s never as bad as the fear in you makes it out to be. Have you ever fallen off a horse? It’s terrifying, but the metaphor of “getting back up on the horse” is so powerful because getting back on is so difficult once you’ve had a bad spill. Don’t give into fear, and fight it off when you want to give in, otherwise you’ll just be swallowed up in regret, and that won’t help anyone.

The difference between being the person people write books about in a hundred years, and being the person whose name no one remembers, is in your hands. Keep your head high, and do what you have to do.