Fortunately for the small business owner, when they need help, they can find it. From government assistance programs all the way to loans that are interest free, there’s financial help available to help keep your head above water. However, what if you don’t need money as much as you need guidance? What if you just need a good mentor to push you in the right direction? When you just need a couple of wise words to get you pointed down the right path, check out the sources below for some help.

Mentors for Government Contracting

Does your business plan to sell something special to the government? Maybe you’ve developed a new type of coating or plane that the Feds might have some interest in. In this case, the GSA – General Services Administration – offers a mentor program that helps set up relationships between individuals in power and the small businesses that can help them. Money is never an issue with these mentors, and they’re focused on making sure you rise above the norm.

Your Own Network

You didn’t get this far in life and in business by not having friends in the niche. Seek out those people, and figure out how they can help you. Is there someone in your area that’s truly inspired you, like a previous boss, for example? Even if you can convince someone like that to give you advice or share his experiences, you’ll be better off in the long run. You have absolutely nothing to lose. Make sure you approach them with confidence and make it clear exactly what you’re looking for. Find these people on Facebook or LinkedIn if you have to, and see if you can get together for some coffee.