You made the leap! You’ve started a company in an industry you have interest in, but know nothing about. This is likely one of the hardest things you could possibly do, and many fail along the path to success. However, if you can make it work, it’s likely you’ll be able to do whatever you want for the rest of your life. Here are three tips on how to get in successfully.

Are You Entering the Right Niche?

Take a moment and consider the choice you are making, even if you’ve already made the leap. There are a couple of benefits to entering a niche you don’t know a whole lot about, but mostly it’s going to be a rough and tough journey to the top. If you don’t really understand what you’re getting into, the chances of success are infinitely lower.

Go to a Trade Show or Two

There is almost always a trade show going on annually or biannually in just about any niche, and they’re always helpful for those who are coming into their own. It’s where everyone gathers together and learns who’s who, and where you can start appealing to bigger, more powerful audiences. You should always be attending these events, no matter how inconvenient it is. It’s your biggest chance to meet people in your industry and see what’s going on, too.

Find Someone Who Can Teach You (at a Trade Show)

If a particular person or company sees promise in you, you better bet they’ll take you under their wing if you need some help. Look for those who have the confidence to have a strong presence, and become friendly with those who do. Sometimes they won’t let you, and if they don’t, move onto the next person until you find someone who will help you develop your company.