There are many social media platforms out there, and no one wants to look ignorant on any of them. When you post on Facebook, nearly a billion people have the opportunity to see what you have to say. Many mistakes can happen when a newbie to Facebook writes a post simply because they didn’t know any better. Check out the following three tips to help you avoid any embarrassing moments.

Talk to Your Customers

Some people think that talking at your customers is good enough. While sometimes a post that talks at your customers is necessary, the vast majority of the posts you put on your Facebook should encourage your customers to talk with you. Pushing out a bunch of information about press releases or links to things that you think are cool isn’t going to engage anyone.

Neglecting Facebook Wall Posts

You have to communicate with your audience, and Facebook makes that really easy with the wall. People can post to a businesses’ wall, and the business can then reply as they please. Not responding to these points does not leave a good first impression. A new fan or a potential new fan should see you addressing concerns and interacting with those who try to engage you.

Not Watching the Page

Some people think that you can simply set up a Facebook page, link your Twitter to it, and let it run. This isn’t always, or ever, a good idea. How do you know who’s posting on your page? What if spammers join your page and post on your wall for all to see? Since you want to know about this kind of thing, it’s important you watch your page carefully.