The last thing you want to do in your business is tick off your customers. Not only does it mean a single disgruntled customer, it can mean bad reviews, bad recommendations, and a bad reputation for your otherwise good business. You can’t avoid this completely, of course, but here are a few ways to help you avoid it anyway.

Totally Destroy a Client's Name

If you want to frustrate someone to the ends of the earth, pronounce their name incorrectly. If you want to lose a client without a second glance, call them by a different name all together. Most of the time, even if someone's name is hard to pronounce, people just think that this means you simply don't care. To help prevent this, do some research so you know how to pronounce a name before you even start working with the client. Even if you say it wrong the first time you met them, at least you know the way they pronounce their name is contrary to how others pronounce it, and they may forgive you. When you meet someone new and they actually pronounce their name for you, write it down on their business card (or in a notebook) phonetically. If they don't pronounce it for you, don't guess. Ask how to pronounce it, write it down, and get it right next time. It will save you a ton of embarrassment later on.

Mangling the COMPANY'S Name

Many clients will hold their company's name in the same esteem that they hold their own names. They are very important to pronounce correctly. At the very least, you should know how to spell the company name. This includes knowing where it is capitalized (PayPal, not Paypal). Ideally, you'll know how to pronounce it as well, and have done your research online to see how others pronounce it. Sometimes there are even videos on YouTube that have the founder talking about the company - and saying the name.