Facebook is one of the hardest social media platforms to master. It changes every other day, the buttons move, and the people who visit Facebook demand something different every time you log in. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t employ some basic techniques to improve your Facebook and make it more user friendly today. Check out the tips below to see if they can help you improve your Facebook presence.

Always Use Images

Most people who run a Facebook account know that images get exceptional amounts of attention. When there’s nothing to read, your eyes can interpret a picture how they want – they don’t need to read a wall of text to understand what’s going on. Funny pictures are especially popular because they don’t ask anything of the client – they give something instead.

Keeping this in mind, most – if not all – of your posts need to include some kind of image. Even keeping the thumbnail picture to your blog post is better than nothing, but a picture that has been directly uploaded to the post is much better. This is a common tactic that helps pages get more engagement and views. Facebook also seems to love pictures and will show them on Newsfeeds more often than it will status updates.

Schedule Your Posts

One of the newer features of Facebook is the fact that you can now schedule – and backdate – posts. Even if you already use a post scheduling program like Buffer, it’s important that you ditch it and use Facebook’s scheduling tool instead. Even though it’s never been said outright, it’s fairly obvious Facebook would rather you advertise for their tools than for other companies for free. If you use Buffer or TweetDeck, it says so at the bottom, and Facebook frowns upon that. Schedule posts – dump your autoposting techniques.