You’re an exceptional worker, or the CEO of your business, so you have your hands in everything. Your responsibilities grow, and you dapple in a bit of sales, a bit of customer service, a bit in projects. Your list of concerns grows, and you are forced to work harder to keep up. You can’t, however, because it’s simply too much work for a single person. Instead of helping all the departments you have your hands in, you’re actually hurting them. Instead, your entire company can benefit from you learning to focus on a project or two instead of the whole picture. Here are a couple of ways to help you get there.

Strengthen Your Management Skills

Getting a bunch of people to do different things in your company is an exceptional challenge. It requires a specific set of skills that is learned and developed over a long period of time. You also have to learn to focus on the tasks that will pay off in the long run and not just in the short run. The most effective managers understand that it’s essential to get other people to work instead of just focusing on their own. These skills can be learned, although some are born with them. Read books, study people who have learned to manage well, and find people who can critique how well you’re doing now.

How is Less Important than What

Learn how to delegate. Delegating comes along with a special task – you need to know what result you seek as the end result of a project. Give the task to someone, make sure you establish exactly what you expect, and then get out of the way. Let other people figure out the “how” after you tell them the “what”. If they’re talented employees, they will figure out how to complete a task efficiently. Let go of the assignment and move onto other things.