While some people will stroll among the search pages for the right website for them, more often than not the front page is the only page that will ever be seen. If your website isn’t on the front page, chances are that you’re going to make fewer sales than someone who is. SEO can help you get to the top; here are a few practiced and tested techniques that have worked for many businesses before.

Keyword Properly

One of the best ways to gain some footing on search engines is to use proper keywords. Keywords can be anything from the area that you’re in – Santa Monica, California – all the way to a service that you offer. Ideally, you should find out which keywords are being searched for and use some of them as well (you can use Google’s keyword tracker for a task like this). Keep a list of keywords you think relate to your business and use them in your site and blog content. Don’t saturate your content in them, however – it can make you sound unnatural.

Create Appropriate Page Titles

If you’re wondering what a page title is, it’s the bar of text that appears at the very top of the screen when you’re viewing a site. Search engine crawlers look for proper titles that are tagged with proper information so you can be categorized correctly. Instead of using a generic headline like “product page,” you can make it more personal – “Arrowhead mountain spring water sales” may bump you more than “front page” will in search engines.

More Content

Don’t stop designing your website once you think it’s done and perfect. You don’t have to adjust your website content very often, if at all – however, your website needs to constantly be updating. How? A blog will do the trick on most websites. Make sure your content is not only helpful to your clients, but builds trust between them and you as well.