When you want to invest your windfall money back into your company, you may not know where to put it. Sometimes you want something and you’re not sure if it’s a great choice for your company. So where do you put your money? Essentially, you want to put it somewhere that helps your business continue to grow and make more money in the long run.

Hire a New Team Member

Hiring a new employee may not seem like it will save your company money long-term, but often it will. Consider, for example, your overworked employees. They don’t like finishing paperwork because they're tired, and your whole office is behind. Hiring someone just to do paperwork would clear up the “never done” haze over your office, and your employees would be more productive. More productive employees means happier ones, too.

Fix Something That’s Broken

Something as small as a broken coffee maker can ruin the “feel” of your breakroom. The same goes for your company. If your point-of-sale system is too slow for the numbers of sales you see in a day, you may have trouble processing all of your sales on time. If you invest in a new sales system, your office will work more smoothly, resulting in more work getting done.

Get Some Training for Your Employees (and Yourself)

More knowledgeable employees do a better job at getting things done. If you have some extra cash, consider investing in training for you and your employees. For example, if your whole office seems stressed because they can’t meet deadlines, investing in classes that teach your employees time management techniques may save everyone some time. Alternatively, you and a few select employees can take special classes that help you become more effective at the work you currently do. Knowledge is power, and every little bit helps a person become a more confident and productive employee.