Surveys may seem like an outdated tool, but in reality, they are an easy and frugal way to figure out what your audience is thinking. Nothing is more valuable than insight. Insight can help you target your audience better, while keeping your current clientele happy.

There are a few things every company should know about surveys, and the benefits they come with.

What Can Surveys Do For You?

Surveys can help your company in a number of ways. They can track the performance of your employees. They can also help you connect with your audience.

For example, let’s say you’re having trouble determining your new logo. Your whole team is stuck between two or three. Taking it to your audience – say, via Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail – can completely solve your issue. Many people are more than happy to help with input on things when they think it matters. And since the winning vote will determine which logo you use, their input is vital.

Surveys can also be of service when you need help with more important things. If you need help determining what services are needed in what area, send out a survey to the surrounding area. The input you receive should help you shape your business in that area significantly. For example, if there's a high number of people in a given area who don’t shop on Sundays, closing your store on Sundays is both wise and respectful of the population.

You can even use surveys to see how your business is doing. Knowing which services your demographic uses can be important when you consider expanding or removing services from your lineup.

Tools to Use for Surveys

When you need tools to help you conduct surveys, never fear: many companies have already designed tools for you that make surveying easy. Here are a couple of the more popular ones.

Survey Monkey: This survey tool is completely free up to 100 survey responses. Survey Monkey also just recently teamed up with Zomerang which helped it expand what kind of surveys can be conducted.

Constant Contact: This is an e-mail software that can be used to send newsletters out to clients. In addition, they have a powerful and simple to use survey tool. The tool is included in any newsletter packages, but you do have to buy it.